Unvented Cylinder Installations

Do you have a cold water tank in your loft that seems more trouble than it’s worth?
Have you had your cold water tank freeze over long winter periods? Do you find you are often having shortages of hot water? Then an unvented cylinder might be a great option for you.
Since its introduction to UK homes in 1986, the unvented hot water cylinder has seen a huge rise in popularity. An unvented cylinder is fed directly by cold water mains, meaning that, unlike the bulky old cold water tank in your loft, it does not rely on gravity to work, and can be placed almost anywhere in your home.
People with unvented cylinders also find that there is less noise in their system, as there is no filling up of a water storage cistern.
At Highfield Plumbing and Heating, we draw upon our wide professional experience to understand the quirks of your home and your hot water needs. If better performance for your shower or bath sounds appealing, let alone freeing up storage space in your loft, get in touch with us and together we can see if an unvented cylinder system is right for you.