24 Hour Emergency Repairs

Highfield Plumbing and Heating offer an emergency plumbing call out service 24 hours a day, seven days a week within the Midlands.

Our years of experience have shown us that gas and water emergencies, if left or ignored
can become very serious. We are dedicated to the smooth and effective functioning of
your home and, above all, your safety. If you are experiencing any of the following issues,
do not hesitate to call us:

  • Leaks: central heating and water systems should be airtight. Any leak, no matter how small, should be looked at. If you are seeing puddles or drips, let us know.
  • No Hot Water: There are several factors that might cause a lack of hot water. Some are serious, some are less serious. In any case, it is safest to have a skilled engineer from Highfield Plumbing and Heating look into your problem.
  • Water Pressure Problems: Low water pressure or a complete lack of running water can be a serious problem.
  • Boiler Fault: If your boiler is making strange noises, functioning erratically or not at all, call us. A faulty boiler can quickly become a danger to you and your loved ones.

If the problems you are experiencing do not fall into one of the above categories, but is a persistent problem you are concerned about, please do call Highfield Plumbing and Heating. It’s better to be safe than be sorry.

We recommend that, to avoid emergencies of the nature described here, you book regular services for your boiler and central heating systems. If you would like you arrange these services, do get in touch with us. Our experienced, qualified and skillful engineers are happy to help.


Emergency Plumbing?

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